How It All Started

Have you ever wondered how Donna's Premier Lodging got started? If so, read on....

In 1988, Donna Marie Golden bought an Amish home that would later become Donna’s Premier Lodging. Her initial intentions were to renovate the house into a rental property (duplex). In the middle of renovations she decided to turn the lower section into a Bed and Breakfast room called the Country Heart Room and in March of 1991 Donna’s Country Bed and Breakfast opened for business.

It did not take long for Donna Marie to realize her passion and renovated the upstairs into three additional Bed and Breakfast rooms; Country Bear, Peaches and Cream and the Dainty Heart Room.


It was during this time that Donna Marie interacted with many honeymoon and anniversary couples and decided that her next venture would be a romantic bed and breakfast type accommodation perfect for a couple’s getaway….complete with an in-room Jacuzzi and a gas log fireplace. When Donna Marie bought the Amish home back in ’88 the property also came with a barn. Through Donna Marie’s vision this barn became what is now Cottage #1. With the popularity of Cottage #1, Donna Marie soon followed up with construction of Cottage #2.

In 1995 a property south of town with 6 wooded acres and a small cabin came available for purchase. Donna Marie jumped on the opportunity and renovated the cabin with a Jacuzzi and fireplace and aptly named this cabin the “Original Log Cabin”. Not long after, in 1996 Chalet #1 and #2 were built.

After purchasing a neighbor’s house beside the Cottages, more renovations began and the Bridal Suites came into fruition in early 1998. Below their house was a large garden which soon became the location of the three Villas in late ’98.

In March 2001 construction on the Cedar Cabins began and were available for rent by July 2001. With the completion of the Cedar Cabins, Donna Marie saw the need for a larger office space and renovated the Bed and Breakfast rooms into what is now our commercial kitchen, office and lobby and Donna’s Country Bed and Breakfast became Donna’s Premier Lodging. 

The final major renovation came in 2004 when the space below the office became the Sauna Suite; complete with an invigorating in-room sauna.

Today Donna’s Premier Lodging boasts 17 accommodations for couples all featuring an in-room Jacuzzi and a gas log fireplace – the perfect destination for a honeymoon or romantic get-a-way! We’ve expanded our package list for the ultimate experience and now offer in-room massages, chocolate covered strawberries, birthday cakes and a whole host of other add-on. 

So drop the kids off at grandmas for the weekend and take some time to rekindle the fire and see for yourself why Donna’s Premier Lodging has been a favorite vacation spot in Ohio since 1991.



1) Construction of main office 
2) Original Donna’s Country Bed and Breakfast exterior 
3) The Country Heart Room exterior (now the Sauna Suite) 
4) Original Donna’s Country Bed and Breakfast exterior 
5) The barn that is now Cottage #1 
6) Construction of one of the Cedar Cabins 
7) The barn that is now Cottage #1 and the back of the office 
8) The house which is now the Bridal Suites building 
9) The Original Log Cabin before renovations 
10) Construction of the Bridal Suites building 
11) Construction of one of the Cedar Cabins

Published: February 17, 2021